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  1. AllInquicksand

    Cross Country Trip KY->TX->AZ->CA->WA->UT->CO->KY

    Okay, I got my vacation approved to do an 18 day adventure I want to do a cross country off road trip from KY to TX to Cali, Seattle to Utah and colorado and back to KY using as little pavement as possible. Has anyone done something like this before? What are some tips for such a long trip...
  2. Thatredfj

    Dogs out on the road?

    How many of y'all take your dogs out with you on the road? And what are some things you do that help them out over long travel? Been taking my pup out for a lot single day drives with a few days camping and he does really well. Planning a longer trip out west and thinking about bringing him...
  3. Gunnermoose

    New Mexico Backcountry Discovery Route (NMBDR) 2016

    I plan to run the NMBDR from 3 - 10 September 2016. So far there is only one other vehicle coming. If there are any intrepid explorers out there that need a long run and would like to join, let me know. I have previously completed the AZBDR and UTBDR with @1Louder and we had fun and interesting...