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  1. OverLand Austy

    US West Frontrunner LED Light Bar

    Selling my Frontrunner LED light bar. It’s 40inches long, bought from the CA store, never installed on my FJ. retails for $600. Asking $300 or OBO Txt me for more info 310-529-0463
  2. Leclerc.27

    Wiring for 648W Lightbar?

    Hello, I recently bought a Nilight 648W lightbar that I'm going to be throwing onto my WK2. I'm trying to figure out the wiring I need (as well as the other relays/breakers, etc.), but I suck at electronics and feel like I'm calculating in circles. Even the "Customers Frequently Bought with"...

    Rig Lighting Questions

    Post your rig's lighting setup for everyone to see. All are welcome from light bars to ditch lights, from fogs to floods... post them here! 1) What do you find to be the most important lighting additions? 2) White vs amber and where do you put each for the best benefit? 3) Recommendation for...