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  1. Fastlion

    Suspension help!

    Hey everyone. I’m running a Teraflex S/T2 2.5” kit with Falcon 3.1’s & 285/75/17 KO2’s. I’m not exactly happy with the articulation clearance anc think it’s sagging in the rear with just two duffel bags in the cargo area. The kit is less than a year old. Should I call Teraflex or 4 Wheel Parts...
  2. Israel Serrano


    So excited that I finally installed the Peak Suspension Eibach package! The Pro Truck Lift Kit made the truck look so much better! Next step, some new shoes for the RST! Any recommendations?
  3. T

    FOR SALE FS Toyota Tundra Bilstein 6112 and 5160

    0-2.5'' lift, best way to level it Never abused, good condition, less than 10000km Located in Toronto
  4. SCrunner

    Lifting a 2016 4runner?

    I want to lift my 4runner but don't know what lift is right for me. I will be doing basic city driving, drives to the snow, and moderate trails for camping. I currently have the KDSS suspension. I read having this setup might limit my choices, is that true? I am looking for a 2.5" lift, Ill go...