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  1. Arepas

    Carrying extra fuel on the cheap

    Planning on going to death valley next month, there is a place that I want to visit and I'll probably need extra fuel if one of the nearest gas station is closed. I plan to visit the Eureka Dunes and explore around, I would like to be able to go, explore and return and still have some gas to go...
  2. SVgarage

    Rotopax vs. Fuelpax

    I'm looking for fuel storage for my rig. I've ruled out the traditional Jerry cans and have narrowed my search to the Rotopax systems. What is the main differences between the Rotopax and the Fuelpax besides the price? What is the caveat? Durability? Production quality? Convenience features? Of...
  3. MattHowell65

    SOLD - 2 Rotopax 2 Gallon Fuel Tanks AND 2 Lox Mounts - KC, MO

    NEW! Never used and in perfect condition. I bought all this in January and then ended up selling my Jeep before I mounted any of it. Now I have no where to mount it on my stock 4Runner! 2 Rotopax 2 Gallon Fuel Packs - $80 each 2 Lox Mounts (Key'd...