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  1. HattZ

    NW - 06 Jeep Commander build - help needed

    first item of help needed, anyone have a good shop, ideally eastside of seattle, that is comfortable with suspension and body work? what else am i forgetting? does anyone have experience with the below companies products and should i pick anything else? am i really just dumping money into a...

    Trans America Trail Trip 2018

    I can’t believe it’s finally here. Months of preparation and dreaming and it’s finally here. Tomorrow morning we set out to start the Trans America Trail. We are doing the “official” TAT using Sam Correro’s maps and will be hitting the NEW sections so we will be starting from the NEW trail...
  3. Nathan Gilmer

    Nathan's Commander XK Build/Adventure Thread

    This is my expedition vehicle of choice. It is a 2007 Jeep Commander XK with the 4.7l V8 and QD-2 4-wheel drive system. I have a ton of modifications I still want to do to it. I want to turn it into a "go anywhere, be prepared for anything" expedition vehicle. I have made a lot of progress so...