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  1. Buckaroo

    Chinese Diesel Air Heater

    To date I have had installed an Eberspacher 1.7Kw, a mikuni 2Kw and the latest is a chinese no brand 5Kw which is a direct copy of the Eberspacher D4 with chinese controllers. to date, the chinese jobbie has far exceded my expectations considering it's 150 quid price tag. Not only are these...
  2. 60Hertz

    2001 Montero Heater

    Hello All, Im looking for some help/advice with the heater on my rig. My Rig: 2001 Mitsubishi Montero Limited My problem: I only get heat out of the drivers side vents. What I Know: This vehicle has 2 heater cores 1 under dash and 1 behind the rear tire for heat in the back. All of the lines...
  3. Dessmo

    Winter expedition

    Out testing the rig under winter conditions, nice My small kerosine stove is enough to have a relatively comfortable temperature inside, outside it is around 23F.
  4. Matt Hixson

    WTB Mr. Heater Portable Buddy

    Looking to buy a good condition, working Portable Buddy.