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  1. HIGH Maintenance

    Oahu, Hawaii

    Ka'ena Point Vehicle Access Special Use Permit This is about the only trail on Oahu that has reasonable access for permit holders. Unfortunately, there are no "legal" open 4 x 4 trails for visitors/tourists. The Ka'ena Point trail is only accessible via Farrington Highway (930) as the Waianae...
  2. HIGH Maintenance


    Aloha, From Oahu, Hawaii Have a 2017 Jeep Wrangler, Recon Overlanding experience, guessing 15 years if Military counts; mostly armor units. Photo is from Ka'ena Point, West Shore of Oahu
  3. kauaioverlander

    Aloha From Kauai

    Aloha everyone. So stoked to join this forum and get insight from all you veterens out there. I'm a commercial photographer based on Kauai and recently started Kauai Overlander. We are outfitting a small fleet of vehicles so people visiting our small island can experiance Hawaii how it was meant...