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  1. El-Dracho

    CB handheld TTI TCB H100

    My new CB handheld radio arrived today. Now I have one fixed mobile for 2m/70cm HAM and one CB in the rig and one handheld radio each. Perfect for me. I was all the time looking for a CB handheld radio, what I like. It is important to me that it is comparable small and handy to take it with me...
  2. El-Dracho

    How to hold a handheld HAM securely in the rig

    Hi! Beside the permanently installed coms I use also a handheld. Have a charging cradle for it with a cable which plugs into 12V. Currently I am thinking about how to hold it securely in the rig. My favourite would be if it sits in the charging cradle. But how to mount this. Maybe someone has...
  3. Charlie W2YBX

    Ham, CB, GMRS: Handheld vs. Mobile transceivers. Get one, get the other, or get them all?

    Hello! I bought a new vehicle recently for my overlanding shenanigans and am in the process of deciding what I should have as far as group comms go. My travels will take me from the center of the busiest cities, to the middle of nowhere (hopefully =) ). As of now, I have/am getting the...
  4. Kent R

    Why you need to buy a quality Handheld (Portable) radio.

    There seems to be a constant dialogue on the forum about radio communications and what type of radio to purchase and what platform to get such as CB, FRS, GMRS & Ham. I am a huge proponent of Ham (and secondly GMRS), but that being said, more important to me is the quality of the radio you use...