ground tent

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  1. MotoHop

    What is your preferred shelter? (Rooftop Tent vs Ground Tent vs Etc...)

    I'm new to the overlanding scene, and I'm trying to make some decisions about my rig/gear. I'll normally be by myself. My girlfriend may potentially tag along, but she'd prefer to take the camper (Coachmen Clipper 17FQ) if she's coming with me. So with all of the experience/knowledge in the OB...
  2. Wanderlost

    Let’s be honest; Roof Top Tent- Yay or Nay?

    Have you switched from a RTT to a ground tent? Started out with a ground tent, went to a RTT, found out you didn’t like it and went back to the ground? Or, the other way around? Do you regret buying one? Are they mostly just a gimmicky thing? It’s okay, you can tell us the truth. Sometimes...
  3. 4xFar Adventures

    Tent Stakes

    For the longest time, I never gave tent stakes a second thought. They come in their own little bag with the tent ready for the simple task of securing it to the ground. Hopefully that will hold true in windy conditions too! But then the inevitable happens. You find that one hard spot...
  4. stoney126

    Roof top tent vs ground tent

    Hey guys, cvt has their 20% deal coming up in march. Trying to get an idea of which brand to go with and if I need one for sure. Right now I just have a 4 man Coleman tent or the back of my pickup for camping . This suits me and the wife pretty good. However set up takes some as well as packing...