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  1. WWest

    Southeast Ohio Camping

    New to the group but was wondering if anyone had any cool locations for south east Ohio to either camp or have a picnic and relax for a few hours. GPX files would be awesome!
  2. D

    Share your gpx files! Gaia or other...

    Hello all, Thought it would be nice to have a place to share GPX files from Gaia or other means. Places you camped, trails you took, picnic spots, view spots, etc. Please post in following format: *required field *Trail: *Date Traveled: *Location: *Trail Travel Time: *Length: *Difficulty...
  3. D

    How to Post Public Gaia Routes?

    Hello, Is there a good way to post/share Gaia routes to forums or websites such as on Overland Bound facebook page or rally points? Thanks
  4. HappyOurOverlanding

    Reno OBrs Winnemucca Ranch Rd Run with Vid and Map

    Reno Overlanding Fun-Run Inaugural Trail Ride with Map & Video The day started in anticipation with not knowing how may rigs would show for the Reno Overlanding Club’s first trail ride. It was a clear sunny day with a comfortable moderate temperature. The staging area was the parking lot next...