gas cans

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  1. L

    Do I really need to bring extra gas?

    I'm questioning the need to carry extra gas. In my many years of traveling (which include many trips in Baja), I've yet to be in a situation where I was about run out of gas. The cost of carrying extra fuel doesn't seem worth it. My 05 Tundra has a range of 300 miles, which seems plenty to me...
  2. Arepas

    Carrying extra fuel on the cheap

    Planning on going to death valley next month, there is a place that I want to visit and I'll probably need extra fuel if one of the nearest gas station is closed. I plan to visit the Eureka Dunes and explore around, I would like to be able to go, explore and return and still have some gas to go...
  3. LifestyleFJ

    Best Gas Can for Overlanding

    Hi everyone! I'm looking into having a couple Jerry cans onboard my FJ Cruiser for when I go on some fairly larger overland trips soon. Do you have any suggestions for Jerry cans that are very solid and don't leak easily? I wasn't sure if there was a particular brand that is really solid...