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  2. covello

    10 Day CA->AZ/UT Solo Trip Advice

    Hey Everyone, So I've been itching to get out again, I think I'll have a week or so free in June so planning to head to Grand Canyon, Monument Valley, Moab and Zion over 10/11 days. I'm a photographer and director so obviously I'm into finding picturesque locations. They can be the famous ones...
  3. covello

    Los Angeles Vintage Mercedes Truck Hello!

    Hi everyone! Been lurking and reading for a while, but decided to sign up and order my emblem! In Los Angeles (Santa Monica to be specific) and I have a 1991 Mercedes Benz 300GD. It's a short wheel base, so two doors, and diesel! Tons of fun to drive, though a little slow. I've taken it up...