forest roads

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  1. Pkins44

    Ocala - Tread Lightly

    Heading out late tomorrow for some camping then going to run the Tread Lightly Trail Friday morning. I haven’t ran it before but if anyone has or wants to join, here’s your invitation. fairly stock 4Runner so nothing too crazy planned, just bombing through the forest. Patrick
  2. TheGreyhound

    What do you air down to?

    Trying to get a feel for what kind of numbers I should target for more comfortable off road exploring.... I’m in a AWD Honda Element on 235/70r16 hankook dynapro at2.... great mannered tire on road, didn’t take much of a mpg hit at all from stock 215/70on road tires..... I’ve been running...
  3. Road

    ** MICHIGAN - looking for input on keeping U.P. forest roads open**

    Hey everyone in Michigan and who travels and camps in Michigan! @Navy-Jeeper, president of Ribbon Coalition, and active member in our Land Use Forum and Local Land Use Information and News sub-forum has posted an opportunity to do something positive for the roads we love to...