ford excursion

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  1. kostkafex

    Golden Eagle - 2005 Ford Excursion 4x4 V10 Gas

    Our second kid arrived in April, and we got tired of dealing with the small back seat + 2 car seats in my 2018 GMC Canyon. So the search was on for a larger exploration/road trip vehicle. Then she said the magic words every Ford and large SUV enthusiast wants to hear, "What's the largest SUV we...
  2. Dessmo

    Winter expedition

    Out testing the rig under winter conditions, nice My small kerosine stove is enough to have a relatively comfortable temperature inside, outside it is around 23F.
  3. Tedd Carbone

    My Excursion

    Not off rod but I still liked the shot enough to take it. Cool moon behind my Excursion!