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  1. Kory Joseph

    Thoughts on upgrading trans/rad/oil coolers on older model trucks(20+ years)?

    What is everyones thoughts on upgrading their rigs to full aluminum or insulated lines? My truck is 25 years old and as far as I know the radiator is OEM. I'm worried that the high rpms that come from wheeling will degrade my engine without proper cooling...Thoughts?
  2. Rubicon72

    1999 Jeep Cherokee Issues

    My wife called me today and said the vehicle died in the middle of an intersection. I left work and towed her back to my house with my JKUR. I tried diagnosing it but I am coming up blank and need your help. Symptoms: 1. The jeep wants to crank over but it doesn't sound like it is getting...
  3. 4xFar Adventures

    Best Trail Repairs

    What are some trail repairs you've seen or done to get back to civilization? *Split an empty can of beans. Wrap around exhaust leak. Secure with hose clamps. *Trailer hitch pin was the only thing wide and long enough to replace a missing radius arm bolt. *Use the handle of a shovel inside a...