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  1. SaltyYogurtSnek

    Snek's Raptor

    Just picked up my new toy and will be slowly modding it so that it is more capable while exploring. This truck is replacing my Toyota FJ which was very capable off road. However, it was not very comfortable to drive to and from work and as my kids have grown there just wasn't much room for us...
  2. Supernaut

    Looking for suggestions - Gen 1 Raptor sliders

    My stock aluminum side steps/sliders are cracked, bent, and faded. I’m looking for replacements but there aren’t many options out there for Raptors and F-150s in general. The best candidate I found was a $2k pair from RPG. ADD sliders are slightly cheaper but I don’t really like the look and...
  3. Wolfy

    DIY Overlanding Pickup Truck Bed Rack for our Ford F-150

    I’m not going to go into the WHY of a bed rack like this. I think it’s a concept that isn’t super obvious since you can’t really carry lumber or big ladders on it. If you get it, awesome. There are a lot of off-the-shelf options to make a bed rack like this. The best designs I’ve seen are low...
  4. Gmanf150

    F-150 Craigslist Build (up date)

    Hello All, here is the Up-Date on Operation F-150 Craigslist Build I now am running a set of Moto Metal 18's with Master Crafts that are a great off road tire and not bad on road. I also now have a topper / cap that I also got off of CL for 250 with a wooden storage box for in the bed of the...
  5. Gmanf150

    F-150 Craigslist Build

    Hello All, I am new to the group and getting very interested in Overlanding / OffRoad camping. I am calling this F-150 Craigslist build because I found the truck on CL, and many of the build pieces are also from CL. A couple of things have come from regular shops and Ebay. The truck is a 2013...