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    Overlanding Essentials

    I've only been a member for a few days and new to the overlanding community and wanted to know your take on the essentials to have while on the trail/camping. Please fill in your opinion and recommendations on one or more of the numbered below and feel free to add numbers and info as you go...
  2. VisualOverland

    Keep your camera batteries warm!

    Had an overnight trip planned in the desert of Johnson Valley, CA this past weekend. It got pretty cold! Fully charged batteries went from full to low battery and even shutting down. Managed to get some video and a few shots on the DSLR. iPhone and GoPro's wouldn't turn on.. Lesson Learned. Keep...
  3. Michael Rostad

    Trip Necessities

    Hey Guys, New member and I have yet to do any serious trips. I have one planned for a month and a half starting mid-July and I know I need gear. I'm going to be camping out of my '16 Subaru Impreza 5-door with a custom-built bed that takes up most trunk space, however I have a roof basket and...