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  1. Built By Fluffy

    '06 E350 Van Build

    Ok, so starting the build thread! We have a ford van that is going to be our flagship family adventure wagon, replacing the late great Wagoneer. Essentially, it has a bed platform in the back and seating currently for 5. I'd like it to remain capable of carrying 4~5 passengers comfortably and...
  2. SeaVan

    SOLD Pacific NW: Epic Ford E-350 Overland Conversion Van - price lowered, now $40,000

    **Price lowered: now asking $40,000** This is an epic overlanding conversion for all occasions. The base vehicle is a 2006 E-350 diesel cargo van. It was in fleet service until 2013 when the previous owner bought it and put on the SportsMobile manual camper top. I bought it in 2014 and did the...