dodge ridge

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  1. The Mighty Expedition

    Sierra Grandstand Tour_ easy family fun run. - 09/09/2017

    Come join us at beautiful Pinecrest Lake off hwy 108 in Northern California. We will explore a scenic 24 miles from Pinecrest down Dodge ridge to Long Barn. Approx 15 miles on dirt. Many possibilities for side trips. 4wd is Not required. Bring a picnic lunch and spend the day. Some of us will...
  2. BEAR

    Anyone done Dodge Ridge California?

    I'm planning a trip on the Dodge ridge trail the end of this month. It's an easy trail but now I'm worried about snow. I'm going with David W. OB#0001 so we have good knowledge and equipment and I've done a snow run once before with a big group. We're just doing a day trip. Any insight would be...