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  1. ryno9562

    2003 Atomic Orange Nissan Xterra 4X4 Overland Build (Codename : Tigger) Picture Heavy

    So i finally decided to start a build thread on my Nissan Xterra. He is a 2003 Nissan Xterra XE 4X4 Auto in the incredibly rare Atomic Orange (only 993 ever built). At the time of purchase (February 2020) he only had 127,000 but kinda sorta neglected by the previous owners. I managed to scoop...
  2. Hank Outdoors

    Diff Breather Question

    Once you extend your vent line to the engine bay what is there a specific name for the over flow container to run the lines into? I want to get one that mounts to the fire wall. Thanks, Sean