cross country driving

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  1. D

    East to West Coast in 4 weeks

    Hello all I'm Dave, I'm new to this forum and to Overland Bound as well. just got my member badge today "6205" would have been cool to get 6200 but meh its just a number. Anyway my wife and I are planning a 4 week adventure starting August 12th from our home city of Tega Cay SC to Orange...
  2. AdventureWithDanan

    I'm Driving Across the Country!

    Howdy everyone! I'll be heading across the country from CA to FL on the 10 this Thursday! I wish it was in my truck, but it'll be in a Penske truck full of my parents stuff... I lost my driving partner so I'll be driving alone. But to keep myself feeling like I'm still on an adventure I will...