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  1. 4xFar Adventures

    CALIFORNIA - Oceano Dunes (Pismo) Risk Of Closure

    So the big meeting is happening on Monday, 4/30/2018. Here's a like to the Cal4 announcement about what's going on at Oceano Dunes and how you can help. Even if you've never been to Pismo before, the next location to face closure or restrictions could be YOUR favorite place. Please take a few...
  2. 4xFar Adventures

    State Parks/county deal could end recreation at Oceano (Pismo)SVRA

    Hey everyone. As you may know, Pismo is one of the most popular places in California to drive in the sand dunes. It's always been under threat of closure, or having the recreational area we love to use reduced in size. This is your chance to take action and help keep this area open for everyone...