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  1. Mrprotaganist

    Overland Honeymoon Trip

    I am planning a trip for our honeymoon for the first 2 weeks of July and was wondering if anyone had some great campsites or things to see along this route. Thanks!
  2. Kyle & Kari Frink

    Campsite Preferences

    Which suits your fancy, and your reasons why? Dispersed Camping RTT vs. Traditional Ground Tent Established Campground National Park vs. National Forest State Park vs. County/City Campgrounds Group Camping(multiple rigs) or Solo Camping(single rig)
  3. N

    Total newbie question on overlanding

    Just recently decided to get my 06 Hummer H3 in condition to do some weekend overland trips with the wife and dog. I'm in Virginia and looking later in the year to trip to Moab. For now some weekend trips to Tennessee, West Virginia, Kentucky, Alabama etc. So what I've always wondered is how do...
  4. D3Overland

    Aerial rig/camp pics

    I'm sure many of us have a drone or other aerial filming device...anyone got any pics they would like to share..camps...rigs..or just the view :-)