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  1. D

    Resolved Goose Island Campground Campsite Incorrect Geolocation

    For some reason the Goose Island Campground Campsite (near La Crosse, WI) that I put geolocated incorrectly. It should be at 43.73546363460892, -91.22906711534074 . Don't know what I did wrong when I added the location. I attached the Google Maps lookup for reference as well. Sorry for the...
  2. sterling may

    Gear that I can't go without.

    Last weekend camping in the wet cold in east Texas was a good reminder of the gear that I had and the gear that I wish I had. First off having my Mr. Heater was a game changer. I wouldn't have been able to sit in my camp chair and enjoy being outside without this. Also it didn't rip through my...
  3. Willie Tennant

    AF Southern Africa Weekend camping @ Riverside Paradise

    the beautiful Elands River where you can spend time with friends, family and of course your four-legged family.View Rally Point
  4. Russell & Eve

    Leigh Lake Campsites

    Overland Bounders, We are looking for a site in the Grand Tetons and saw several listed on the East Bank of Leigh Lake. Our question: Is that trail drivable? And, if so, how technical is that trail? We will be pulling a teardrop. Russell & Eve (
  5. D

    Best Camp Chair???

    What is the best camp chair and why? Post a link and pictures.
  6. Hank Outdoors

    Free/Great Camping locations

    Is there a place to list Free Campsites with photos, coordinates and reviews? Similar to Submit/Overland Bound Routes. Photos would basically verify the location and each posts subject line could be ie: (New York - Finger Lakes Region - FREE) or (New York - Adirondacks - Brown Tract Pond State...