california bay area

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  1. blackiestone

    SOLD Goodyear Wrangler 256/7016 Tire - NEW - $80

    Hey all we sold our 2019 Toyota Tacoma and have a leftover spare tire. Never been used. Asking $80 for it. We are in Nor Cal. Bay Area - San Jose Text or call us if you are interested. 408-886-4211
  2. blackiestone

    SOLD 3.8 Gallon Day Tank WaterPORT for sale

    Hi all, We ware in CA, South Bay - San Jose and are selling our 3.8 Gallon WaterPORT. We tested it out but never took on the road as we changed our rig to have onboard water. asking $100 on Craigslist but are giving 20% discount to Overland Bound members, just contact me here or at...