bottle jack

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  1. Chi

    My Girl in Vintage Red Dress, Toyota Pickup 1988 : 6 Ton Bottle Jack Mod to fit Smittybilt Rear Tube Bumber

    This is a modification of the rear tube bumper. Modification: - 6mm insert rivet with 6mm setscrew and massive PTFE tape. - File expose overlap to follow the contour of the bottle - Insert rivet was pulled with 3M Marine Adhesive Sealant So far, it has survived 104-degree and about 1500...
  2. chrispartida

    Bottle jack questions...

    I've heard a few stories in my research about bottle jacks not doing well after being stored horizontally for extended periods of time. It screws with something in the hydraulics, and won't perform correctly/seize up. Has anyone here had issue with this? Is there a certain way you like to...