big sur

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  1. LoCo_Ex

    US West Big Sur: Caves, Ridges & Bridges Tour

    Info about this route is posted at (see the alternative route) A 2 night trip that begins by passing through eastern slopes of the Santa Lucia...
  2. SLO Rob

    Prewitt Ridge 8.28.16

    I'm going to drive up to that clearing on Prewitt Ridge this Sunday 8.26.16 just to hang out and have a snack/beverage and look out over the view if anyone is around! I have a buddy that hasn't seen it before. I'll have my radio on...14.4 probably will be there mid day just for a few hours...
  3. SLO Rob

    Fire...not the good kind

    The fire in the Big Sur area recently grew to over 100 square miles and its known it was started by an illegal campfire. I know this forum is the choir, and I'm preaching to it, but keep up the good fight, everyone out there, educating and sharing what you know about the outdoors, safety and...