base camp

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  1. Tommys

    Only the destination is written, not the journey.

    While driving our final miles towards home, we discovered that things can go south very quickly. Especially when it comes to weather. We quickly used iOverlander app to set up a base camp, but later only to abandon it and retreat into our steel horse sled. There we slept until dawn. Have you...
  2. JacobFeuerman

    Best Camp Chair???

    What is the best camp chair and why? Post a link and pictures.
  3. Obi-Juan

    FOR SALE Overland Base Camp Gear Deals - AVAILABLE ON EBAY NOW

    Hi fellow OLB'ers! I'm constantly buying and selling just about anything and everything on Ebay. And just like many of you, I can appreciate saving some money on decent quality gear. I'm going to try and keep this post/thread up to date as frequently I can so check back from time to time...
  4. Ian McAdorey

    MD or DE Camping Locations Near the Beach

    I am looking for somewhere that I can set up my rooftop tent and enjoy a sunrise or sunset around the MD or DE area. I am sure this is a tough one to come by but is there any camping locations that are as close to the water as possible or even on the beach? This will be for one night, Saturday...
  5. Hank Outdoors

    Free/Great Camping locations

    Is there a place to list Free Campsites with photos, coordinates and reviews? Similar to Submit/Overland Bound Routes. Photos would basically verify the location and each posts subject line could be ie: (New York - Finger Lakes Region - FREE) or (New York - Adirondacks - Brown Tract Pond State...
  6. 300WMTUCK

    Portable freezer/fridge - $375 (Rosemead) Whynter 85 fridge for sale on Craigslist- $375

    Not mine. A buddy saw it and sent it to me. Thought someone in the area may want to check it out. Portable freezer/fridge - $375 (Rosemead)