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  1. ASRussell

    Bantam Jeep Fest

    Just curious if any OB members are going to make it to the Bantam Jeep Festival in Pennsylvania June 8 - 10. This festival is a pretty big deal for jeep owners since that is where the Jeep was born. I hope to see some OB members out there. If you see me in my mostly stock detonator yellow...
  2. Road

    SOLD Military Trailer, Bantam T3-C - $950 OBO - Portland MAINE - Delivery possible for fee

    SOLD! Portland MAINE - Bantam T3-C Military Trailer - $950 OBO - Delivery possible for fee - WWII era Bantam T3-C 1/4 ton trailer I bought for converting into a camping/basecamp trailer. I now have a new trailer so am letting this one go. - Prev owner did a really nice job cleaning it up...
  3. Big Tex

    Need help with Bantam Trailer

    I am tearing down my WWII Bantam trailer, and I am having a crazy time with the bolts that attach the leaf springs to the frame. Its the one with the grease zerk on it. Anyone know any tricks?