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  1. Hourless Life

    Best Campground and Campsite Apps of 2019

    Currently on our 6th year of fulltime travel, these are the best apps that we've found. I wrote an article on them and what we use them for if you are interested. You can read that here. Campendium Allstays Camp & RV iOverlander Gaia GPS The Dyrt I'm curious if there are any campground or...
  2. JoshDante

    Maps in case of emergencies

    Hi all, I just wanted to share an app I found called 'PDF Viewer' and it tells you how to import pdfs from your computer to your phone. It seems like a good idea in case an app like Hema Explorer (Australian Land Nav App) doesn't pull through or if you don't have wifi or cell tower coverage. I...
  3. Pippinized

    mobile device apps that assist

    Any suggestions for ideas about phone or tablet apps that can help us out? Suggestion 1 Glympse is a phone app that will send a live-ish signal of how to track a phone for up to 4 hours. If you are heading out on the trail, you can send a link that will track the cell signal...