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  1. wordofbabb

    US Northwest FS - Washington State - Alu-Cab / James Baroud gear - $12k - Local pickup

    Drawers, canopy, cubby, fridge and fridge slide on Taco Drawers extended with fridge, cubby, fridge slide and canopy Fridge deployed on Taco Tent, awning and tunnel deployed on Taco Looking up the tunnel into the tent with the ladder Tent, tunnel, awning and ladder deployed Tent, canopy...
  2. David Munoz

    Zarges aluminum case

    I've always wanted an Alu-box but I couldn't get myself to pay the steep price for one. I decided to try my luck on craigslist and my local swap meet. After about a month of searching I managed to find myself a Zarges and I couldn't be happier! It was in rough shape when I bought it; it had...
  3. Roverlanders

    2011 Land Rover Defender Icarus Rough Edition

    Hi all! I'm new here on the forums and would like to share our build and get your feedback. We are leaving in a couple of weeks for a 3 month overland trip around Europe. The object is to have a capable overland vehicle that sleeps 4 adults and still has 5 seats. A bit of a challenge, right? We...