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  1. C

    FOR SALE *SOLD* 2016 4Runner Trail Premium, Tustin, CA, 50k OBO

    Selling my 2016 4Runner Trail Premium with the beginnings of an overland build because I'm looking to buy a house and need the money for a down payment. It's in great condition with low miles, with modifications as follows: 15k miles KDSS equipped Crawl control 4wd Rear-locker 5xMethod Race...
  2. Wanderlost

    Our 4R Overland Build Walk Around

    We started a build thread here a little over two years ago but for whatever reason, we haven't kept up with it. We produced this video as a means to catch up. We show you everything we've done to it, along with a glimpse into its future. This thing has come a loooong way from a bone stock TRD...