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  1. AaronOffroader

    New Member -Aaron Offroader - 2018 Prado 150 Kakadu 35s - Greetings Guys

    Hi There Guys This is my first post. trying to get the hang around the Overlandbound Platform and Community Via Australia I hope to add a lot of value here via write ups and blogs in the future I have 2x Insta accounts @AaronOffroader and @offthegridmedia 1x Youtube Account @AaronOffroader if...
  2. nparker72

    Kumho Road Venture at51 tires

    Hey Overlandbound members! This is my first tread here. Ive been trying to get 35s back on my truck for a while now and finally the moment came when I got a unrepairable nail in my stock tire. and instead of buying just 1 replacement tire I am just gonna get a whole new set. I am debating on...