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    Sharing trail data

    Eddie, GPX is more widely supported than KML, so that would be my recommendation, but it really depends on what software would be used by the recipients to open it. It wouldn't hurt to export both formats and send them both files. For mobile devices, an app I have had good success with is...
  2. xplorr

    Which tablet or Laptop?

    @old_man, have you found an effective software application for off-road GPS navigation for Windows 10 or Linux that is an actively maintained/supported product? It seems that the current crop of software options are all for mobile platforms, Android and iOS.
  3. xplorr

    Here’s something new!

    @danrhiggins, for off-line on-road turn-by-turn navigation, works well for me. It makes it easy to download and update the off-line map data.
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    Here’s something new!

    Ok, I misunderstood a review I saw then. Thanks for setting me straight on that. That changes my perspective on the device. If it did have InReach built-in it would have been much more compelling of a product.
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    Here’s something new!

    I thought that this does have InReach builtin, doesn't it?
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    Benchmark Atlas

    @Jim SoG, something like this?
  7. xplorr

    Benchmark Atlas

    Try searching amazon for "17.3 laptop bag". You might find something suitable there for under $20.
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    Using GPS Communicator As GPS Receiver on iPad

    @deeve, I've seen a lot of positive recommendations for the Dual XGPS150A. Personally, though, I decided I wanted to have track logging directly on my GPS device so that it would be power-on and forget and not have to worry about saving a track log in an app on my phone/tablet. With that in...
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    Looking for a place to go, not sure how to get there....and unsure if you can bring your dog?

    I've found AllTrails to be helpful too. Another resource that has been up and coming is Trails Offroad.
  10. xplorr

    Gaia or....

    I primarily use Gaia GPS myself, but have been experimenting with ViewRanger. ViewRanger seems pretty mature and is more popular in Great Britain & Europe than USA. There are not as many US layers compared to Gaia, but they do have the excellent NeoTreks US maps with their premium subscription...
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    What tablets will Gaia GPS work on?

    The wifi-only iPads do not have internal GPS receivers, but the cellular models do. You don’t need a cellular plan for the GPS to function on those.
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    iPad Mini or iPad

    I already had the 12.9" iPad Pro, so I rigged up a mount not unlike @James Deaton using quick release hinges. It is quite stable, even on rough trails. Climbing hills, it will sway a bit, but nothing jarring or distracting. more details
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    Yosemite and Death Valley in Winter

    Thanks for the tip, that looks like a short detour next time I am that way on US-395.
  14. xplorr

    Yosemite and Death Valley in Winter
  15. xplorr

    Off-line Tablet

    I could be wrong, but I believe that is the same map layer as "NeoTreks Land Use" in Gaia GPS. I agree, that is a nice map with thorough trail coverage.