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  1. UnlostOverland

    US Midwest DSM 4x4 Coffee and Gasoline

    Des Moines area 4x4 meet up, see rigs, talk trips View Rally Point
  2. UnlostOverland

    Des Moines Iowa Area Check in

    Andrew here in DSM checking in for the first time. I’m no newbie to off-roading or adventure but mainly kept it on two wheels or had vehicles that were more dedicated to rock crawling. This last year I decided to start building out a more dedicated overlanding rig. Excited to get going on the...
  3. UnlostOverland

    Members Instagram ID

    Agree, the tent is a soft shell Tepui. Last summer I ran trails in Moab with it mounted on a half rack over the bed. Even that threw off the center of gravity. With the new rsi smartcap on there I’m sure it’s going to make it a lot worse. No stranger to wheelin’ and feel your concerns too...
  4. UnlostOverland

    Members Instagram ID

    New to OB but excited to join the forum. I’m running a Jeep Gladiator Launch edition and looking forward to building it out. Tent goes on next week, along with a dual battery install. Follow along on Instagram @unlost_overland if you feel the need. Peep my neighbors new Airstream in the...
  5. UnlostOverland

    Where did you install your OB emblem?

    Between the Jeep Trail rated badge, Jeep badge of honors, and this I’m going to run out of space on the rig. Anyone with regrets placing it in certain locations?
  6. UnlostOverland


    Unlost Overland checking-in from Iowa. Newish to Overlanding but not adventure. Starting on two wheels years ago I found a passion for exploring. Riding down Baja for 2 weeks with my brother started it all. Coming from a manual Jeep Gladiator into the current rig, Launch Edition Gladiator. My...