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  1. TwoRoadsOverland

    Thank you!

    Thank you!
  2. TwoRoadsOverland

    The "in the shop" feeling

    The bird nest of wires and numerous bags of bolts is what really scares me! I'm always worried I won't remember where everything goes. The rest of it is in fairly good condition. The driver's side floor pan is rusted out, but I already have a full set that I had intended to weld in this summer...
  3. TwoRoadsOverland

    The "in the shop" feeling

    I'm sure I can find a decent engine at a decent price. The labor is what really bumps the price up. The deepest I've been in the engine was replacing a cylinder head, and I felt way over my head on that. I can't imagine pulling a motor myself. Perhaps it's time to once again stretch my comfort zone
  4. TwoRoadsOverland

    The "in the shop" feeling

    I haven't had time to dig into it, so I can't say for sure. But it developed a bad knock/slap about 3 weeks before it went. I had an extra set of pushrods/rocker arms so I put those in, also checked the flexplate. Didn't solve the issue. My mechanic and I decided that if one cylinder was going...
  5. TwoRoadsOverland

    The "in the shop" feeling

    It was the legendary 4.0. Only just hit 100k too.
  6. TwoRoadsOverland

    The "in the shop" feeling

    I blew my engine about a month ago, was planning on putting a stroker in it. But now, after numerous hours in Excel, I'm thinking a new-to-me ride may be more cost-effective and financially smart :disappointed:
  7. TwoRoadsOverland

    New to Overlanding - NY, NY

    Welcome! I'm on Long Island. Definitely check Michael's videos, great advice all around. As a North-East overlander, I've found it really to try to find the balance between offroad capability and on-road manners. I've driven my XJ out to Oregon and back, and while the West has some incredible...
  8. TwoRoadsOverland

    Modular Removable Drawer System V2

    After a bit of a hiatus from Overland Bound and Overlanding in general; I'm starting to get the bug again. I have a previous build thread that died due to running out of time and money. I ended up building a "less than ideal" solution to get me through the trip. I'm calling that V1. I saw the...
  9. TwoRoadsOverland

    Newbie to OB from Long Island NY

    Long Island XJs FTW!
  10. TwoRoadsOverland

    Calling all NH people.

    Moving to Southern NH (Keene area) in mid-January!
  11. TwoRoadsOverland

    SEMA Meetup?

    I don't mean to step on the Official Vegas crew, so apologies if this is interpreted that way! I'm really just wondering if there are any members that go to SEMA. I know it's not overland specific, but it is definitely a growing trend at the show. I'm working at a booth in the detailing area...
  12. TwoRoadsOverland

    Modular/Removable Kitchen/Storage Drawer System Build Thread

    Wow, you were way up there! I'm from Long Island. I moved out here for what was supposed to be 2 months, to help my family business' west coast division move from the bay area up to Ashland. That was September 2018, so it ended up being a little longer than that! I feel the same way about the...
  13. TwoRoadsOverland

    Modular/Removable Kitchen/Storage Drawer System Build Thread

    Unfortunately not yet. Part of the delay comes in the fact that this trip back to New York is actually me moving back to NY. So I'm also moving out of my house here in Oregon. So I'm trying to clear out my house, pack, and prep my car for a 3-week trip, plus other things :laughing:.Fear not; I'm...
  14. TwoRoadsOverland

    Modular/Removable Kitchen/Storage Drawer System Build Thread

    Well, so much for keeping this thread from dying! I assure you, this project is not dead! That being said I have a few updates. First off, due to a severe case of procrastination; I am now out of time to build the "dream solution" being that I leave on my trip in exactly 2 weeks. But I still...