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  1. tilfo

    South Africa

    Johnny do you live full time in jinja?
  2. tilfo

    Recent news reports Hippos killing tourists

    We all know this but here is a tourists killed again. Don’t blame the hippo, he is just doing what he does... NAIROBI, Kenya -- A Chinese tourist was attacked and killed by a hippo while taking pictures on the edge of Lake Naivasha in Kenya's Rift Valley, just hours after a local fisherman was...
  3. tilfo

    Kicking things off!

    Johnny do you live in Jinja?
  4. tilfo

    Kicking things off!

    Hello, I will be over to visit early next year, Ethiopia, down to Kenya, and a trip around Uganda, maybe Zanzibar. Traveling first with a Dragoman overland and then on my own for a while.