Thomas McDonald

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Just turned 29, loving partner to My girlfriend and devoted father to two wonderful kids. Spent a number of years in the British Army which gave me a taste of what adventures lie in wait on this beautiful blue planet we call home. I currently work as a Support worker for the disabled, although I do 40 hours a week I do those hours over 3 days leaving me with 4 whole days a week to get out there. once a month I sling all my gear in the back of my trusty little Blue car and head out for 2 days and 1 night, where I live I'm ideally situated to explore some of the UK's best places, to the South West a few hours I have the rolling hills, valleys and mountings of Wales the North I have the stunning Lake District.
As much as I love my little Blue car unfortunately she simply wont cope with what I have planned for the coming 2 years which is why I'm currently looking for a replacement. That replacement will be a Land Rover Discovery, The plan is to out fit the LR and expand my UK adventure to the highland of Scotland this coming winter (2017) after that I'm heading South and hitting up France, Italy, Spain and ending in Gibraltar.
I will be taking my cameras with me to capture everything not only to share with the world but mostly to keep as memory.
May 8, 1988 (Age: 33)
Lancashire, United Kingdom
Vehicle Year Make Model
At the moment I flatten the rear seats down in my 2005 Kia Picanto and sling my gear in the back. She may be no big 4x4 rig but she's gotten me to some of the best places the uk has to offer. That said I'm currently on the hunt for a Land Rover Discovery so I can begin to venture deeper and father then I've been before (Winter UK 2017) then (Europe spring summer 2018)
Support carer (now part time'ish)
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