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    Member Introductions *New Members Start Here*

    Location: Upstate, SC Rig: 2013 Jeep GC Trailhawk and 2016 2500 Silverado but in process of purchasing a 2018 4-Runner TRD Pro Overlanding Experience: 16 years as a US Army SF medic paving new ground and testing our tactical mobility all over the jungles of SA, mountains of SE Asia, etc. Just...
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    My first aid kit

    Add a small roll of duct tape (mine is wrapped around a bic lighter in my E&E bag and) to your tape supplies in your kit. It will adhere to pretty much anything while medical tape usually only sticks to exam gloves, not to mention it can be used for a variety of tent and hose repairs.
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    Here to help

    To piggyback on Sheepdog831, I am a new member here and to Overlanding but am far from new to emergency medicine. I was a US Army Special Forces (otherwise known as Green Berets) medic for 16 years and have been a civilian paramedic for 27 years in total. I currently work for North American...