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    Steve replied to the thread recent threads /comments first.?.
    At the top right of the thread, there is a button called "Jump to New" that takes you to the first unread post in that thread. This...
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    Steve reacted to 1Louder's post in the thread Debrief on InReach Communications with Like Like.
    Not sure what the title of this should be. The short version. A friend hailed me for help yesterday via his InReach. The long version is...
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    Steve replied to the thread CLE.
    Yep, there are a few. I'm in eastern Lorain County. Where's the trail in your first photo? One of the Covered Bridges of Ashtabula County
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    Steve reacted to Road's post in the thread Wisdom from the River with Like Like.
    Checking back in on this cool thread @Plisken started. I've been away and pretty much off-grid for eight months. Who else out there...
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    Steve replied to the thread Hey from NE Ohio.
    Welcome, from Ohio's north coast! Also, check out the Midwest Overlanders Facebook Group, and of course, the Overland Bound Midwest...
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    Steve reacted to ArkansasDon's post in the thread Good News Today with Like Like.
    just walked in from my findings from my 6 month cancer scan today, the growth is stable from previous 6 month check up, just slightly...
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    Steve reacted to Prerunner1982's post in the thread Veiwing last name with Like Like.
    Yeah @Steve I noticed it with new members a couple months ago. Thought it was odd to be required and displayed.
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    @Daryl 32 What year is your wagon? An acquaintance of mine has a 1965 Buick Special station wagon with the 430 engine. It was his...
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    Steve replied to the thread Veiwing last name.
    Hmmm, that must be a new requirement. I don't have anything in either field. But if I try to make a change, such as add my region, it...
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    Steve reacted to Murphy Slaw's post in the thread A Tribute To Jerry Riopelle... with Like Like.
    Most of you are probably too young to remember Jerry. Also he didn't get regular airplay back in the 70's/80's unless you had really...
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    The original post was a link to an eBay ad from last July, so no longer available.
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    Steve replied to the thread FOR SALE 1997 Jeep Wrangler Sport.
    The title of the post was a link to an eBay auction a year ago. No longer available.
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    Steve reacted to Billy "Poserlander" Badly's post in the thread Why are you here ? with Like Like.
    I'm here to collect likers, subscribers, followers, linkers, sharers and most importantly, Patreon supporters. My goal is to die of a...
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    Steve reacted to 69machguy's post in the thread Hot water, shower solution with Like Like.
    I posted pics of my RoadShower 4 unit a couple weeks ago. It's a pressurized water vessel that I use inside my truck camper as a water...
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    Steve replied to the thread Nature Photos.
    Thank you! It’s easy with such a beautiful subject