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    SW Idaho Overlanding

    Adding them to my calendar. Might make next weekend but depends on the roads and weather between north Idaho and south Idaho.
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    Coastal Oregon, Kalaloch Olympics, Orcas Island, Yellowstone (looking for some advice)

    Stop at the Oregon Coast Aquarium in Newport. My kids used to love going there.
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    Anyone explore Washington's Scablands?

    Headed to Libby tomorrow so will be driving right by where all these floods burst out of the ice dam.
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    Anyone explore Washington's Scablands?

    Banks Lake and Dry Falls.
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    Anyone explore Washington's Scablands?

    Dropped into a big Coulee. Camera phone is hard to take pictures on this scale with.
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    Anyone explore Washington's Scablands?

    Ate lunch in Waterville at the deli. Waterville is directly ahead in the picture but mostly hidden in the trees.
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    Anyone explore Washington's Scablands?

    Halfway and then the top of the Waterville Plateau.
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    Anyone explore Washington's Scablands?

    Did the drive from Spokane to Leavenworth and back yesterday for work. Took highway 2. Pictures are from me driving back eastbound. At the bottom of the grade by the Columbia River, Orondo WA. Six miles of up.
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    Anyone explore Washington's Scablands?

    I've done a fair bit of driving across a large part of them for work. I have most of the books written on the glacial Lake Missoula and its ice age floods. It's amazing the scope of them. I've driven in MT quite a bit too and seen the evidence of them. J Harlan Bretz was a genius for...
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    Looking for more vehicles for Baja after Christmas

    Maybe. How far down and other details?
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    Spokane meet

    Is that 6:30 am? I will be home from work that week and will try to make it.
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    Va to AK to Mexico and back

    Get some good snow tires.
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    The meaning of your screen name?

    Mine is obvious. A 4x4 shortbus.
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    Advice for areas in ND, SD, NE, CO requested!

    Lunch at the Wurst Shop in Dickinson ND. Dinosaur museum in Dickinson too.
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    Redwoods National Park and Lassen National Park Trip, May/June 2018

    I grew up and lived in Humboldt County for years. Looks like it was a nice sunny weekend there on the coast. My grandparents married in 1947 and honeymooned up the coast. I still have the post cards they bought at the Trees of Mystery, you can recognize the trees but they are bigger now...