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    Chili!!! Great meeting you also. That was a great trip and location. Maybe next year the rain...

    Chili!!! Great meeting you also. That was a great trip and location. Maybe next year the rain will hold off and we can get off road a little more.
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    Cars and Coffee May 19th, Austin @ Circuit of the Americas

    I'm thinking about going to Cars and Coffee at COTA tomorrow. It is free to park and mingle
  3. rvickery2

    Central TX Monthly meetings

    Anybody up for Cars and Coffee tomorrow May 19th, at COTA?
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    I'll be leaving Austin Wednesday morning and arriving late afternoon. Sounds like a great time!
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    National Stop The Bleed Month

    I use several of their products professionally. They are a top notch company.
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    Anyone headed to Overland Bound Southeast in Ozark Arkansas? June 7th-9th

    Just registered and will be leaving from Austin on Wednesday, June 5th. It will be at Byrd's Adventure Center and should be a blast!
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    US Southwest Recurring - North Central Texas Meet & Greet

    Is this going to be the first Saturday of each month?
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    Lonestar Toyota Jamboree 2019

    Alright, I'll be leaving south side of Austin about 2pm on Thursday, May 2nd. I hope to arrive about 7pm and get set up. I welcome any camping suggestions but don't belong to any clubs. Looks like the weather forecast has improved but we know how reliable Texas weather reports can be.
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    Lonestar Toyota Jamboree 2019

    I have not been there before. I'm curious how many vendors will be there. I can't believe it less than a month away and no vendors listed. I'll be coming in late Thursday night and camping on site.
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    Lonestar Toyota Jamboree 2019

    I'm registered and going
  11. rvickery2

    Newbie in Austin, Texas

    Leaving Austin to Crested Butte on July 15th. Mountain bike there a few days until my wife arrives in the 4runner on July 19th. Then we'll do some backcountry driving, camping, hiking, all around the central Colorado area. I want to take my wife over some of the passes off the beaten path.
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    Anyone going to Lonestar Jamboree?

    Is anyone going to the Lone Star Jamboree May 2-5, 2019? I just registered and will be taking my 16 yo son. Camping and off road shenanigans.
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    Central Texas? Austin?

    Anyone in the Austin area care to meet up?
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    Newbie in Austin, Texas

    Just getting into the Overland movement. Headed to Colorado this summer to mountain bike and camp.