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  1. rho

    Waterproofing the Plano Sportsman box

    I've been sealing up these plano boxes in the same way for a few years now to keep dust out, it works AWESOME. Glad to see that others have been doing the same thing! :D
  2. rho

    NFCT, My Hornbeck Nomad, & Brainstorming

    yeah, there was supposed to be a link along with it, LOL. Hope this helps!
  3. rho

    NFCT, My Hornbeck Nomad, & Brainstorming

    I've ordered fabrics and insulation from a site called "ripstop by the roll" before and they have a HUGE range of high performance fabrics, insulation, notions, etc. Its a great great place to get raw materials from
  4. rho

    NFCT, My Hornbeck Nomad, & Brainstorming

    Here's a little history on the ocean going canoes and their cultural significance in Hawaii. It also has some cool run downs on the canoes themselves and the history of them, as well as the construction/methods they've used over the years. For yours in particular, the twarts on yours might...
  5. rho

    NFCT, My Hornbeck Nomad, & Brainstorming

    That looks like an awesome canoe, I've recently gotten into SUP but I'd love to have a canoe again. They enable some REALLY cool multiday trips. Personally I wouldn't bother with much in the way of spray skirts/outriggers/etc on a small canoe like that. The exception being of you wanted to stand...
  6. rho

    Morning thoughts

    That looks like a nice morning. As a fellow 'always up before the sunrise' person, getting to see the sun come up daily is pretty awesome and its a nice calm way to start the day before the daily insanity starts.
  7. rho

    What Did You Do With Your Rig Today?

    The Jeep got some new driving lights, BD squadron sports... these things are awesome. I'll be replacing the spot beams in the bumper at some point as well.
  8. rho

    In-cab gear storage

    Oh those kit kubes are awesome, Saving that link...
  9. rho

    What Did You Do With Your Rig Today?

    Its actually quite a bit softer than the OEM swaybars... so far its been a HUGE improvement in ride quality on road and performance off road has been awesome. I loose a little bit of flex vs no sway bar but it's a TON more stable during high speed shenanigans
  10. rho

    Soft top Jeep roof racks... Any favorites?

    Of the options I ended up looking at, I'm going go with the Garvin rack if I ended up getting one. BIG if on that one, however. Even 70lbs for the rack itself up high on the jeep would be really noticeable.
  11. rho

    Our, And Your, Opinions On Some Popular Overlanding Gear

    Lots of this... So many of the bits of gear we need/use on trips is built up over time based on where we go, how we use our trucks and cars and what our experience levels are... I always suggest to my friends that they get a half decent portable air compressor and something to deflate tires...
  12. rho

    What Did You Do With Your Rig Today?

    Jeep got some new stuff... Power steering cooler to because it was boiling the fluid and a new front sway bar because doing the axle truss and new trackbar bracket on the jeep made it so my sway bar disconnect could no longer disconnect...
  13. rho

    US West Tri-Valley Monthly Meet Up- Pleasanton CA

    Anderson plugs and running wire... For a fridge I'd suggest running its own fused circuit back to the battery. Another option is to run that same line from the batt to a second fuse box/aux power panel in the rear and then have an anderson plug for the fridge. I've found the 12v round plugs to...
  14. rho

    General Observations about the influx of people to the outdoor world

    You see it to an extent as well with newbie jeep owners who just go out and buy a rubicon wrangler and then either tear up trails or break the jeep or roll it... Luckily a lot of times those folks get educated and stick with it, but there are similar groups of idiots in all outdoor recreation...
  15. rho

    US West Tri-Valley Monthly Meet Up- Pleasanton CA

    Well that was fast, LOL.