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Hey all, my name is Sen!

I enjoy going on solo trips with my dog. I have become increasingly more interested in a group trip due to me not knowing the capabilities of my vehicle. I think a group trip would help me learn more about my car due to having people around that would be able to help recover if needed.

My setup is currently a Crown Victoria on a 5 inch lift with some Bilstein suspension components, 30.5 inch Grabber ATX's, and a few other small bits and pieces. I carry my own recovery equipment, including a 12k lb Badlands winch. I plan on refining and slowing upgrading my current setup over time. I have a CB radio and a handheld ham radio, but I do not use the ham radio yet due to not having a license. I have travelled back and forth cross country a few times, and plan on doing it when I can work up the money to go again.

Here are a few photos of my setup (or "rig" as some call it):

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Northwest US
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2011 Crown Victoria
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2011 Crown Victoria, 5" lift, Bilstein Shocks, 245/75R16 Grabber ATX's, Badlands Winch.




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