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    What is your rigs name

    She's our Elephant!
  2. offroadkid

    US West SOLD For Sale Goal Zero 200W Boulder Briefcase Solar Panel-NorCal $475

    Anyone? This is a great price on a great solar panel! You can buy the Yeti 1000 for $200 off at Costco and use these panels to charge it when out exploring!!
  3. offroadkid

    Goal Zero Yeti 1000 Lithium $200 off at Costco And shameless plug... This would pair very nicely with the Goal Zero 200W portable solar panels I am selling in the Classified Section!
  4. offroadkid

    US West SOLD For Sale Goal Zero 200W Boulder Briefcase Solar Panel-NorCal $475

    Located in EL Dorado Hills, California 95762 For Sale: Goal Zero Boulder 200W Portable Solar Panel Briefcase They also come with a 30' Goal Zero extension cable AND a Goal Zero 8MM to SAE 15' cable. I purchased it in May 2018, but only used a few times . I'm letting it go for $475.00 New...
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    Spotted two OB Members at my work yesterday,El Dorado Hills.

    Today as I was returning to work from lunch I had the pleasure of meeting @mmnorthdirections and @Mirek in the parking lot! Thanks for the introduction and fun chat, it was great meeting you!
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    Winch isolator

    I don’t know if this is so much a gear review but I’m often asked about my winch isolator to keep everything in place and prevent it from rattling around. It’s from Daystar and is inexpensive and an easy install. I got mine from Amazon!
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    Lets see the sun rise pictures!

    Looks like sunset, but in fact it was sunrise!
  8. offroadkid

    Our LX470 (Ellie 2)

    I'm dumb! It is an XXL! I was thinking it came in normal and XL! That's something I did not know about, the safety compliance in other countries?!
  9. offroadkid

    Our LX470 (Ellie 2)

    Thanks for the kudos Gumby! Ours is also an XL, maybe I just forgot to mention that! We actually laid out the two different sizes on the front room floor with painters tape and decided the XL was a better fit!! There is so many choices for rear bumpers. At first the Slee wasn't my favorite...
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    Our LX470 (Ellie 2)

    The King Springs are doing their job and allowing us to pack up the rig and still maintain the ability to to through the different height modes when needed, normal height around town and raising it when approaching the trailhead! We both really enjoy the AHC, but also the AVS "Active Variable...
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    Our LX470 (Ellie 2)

    Such great looking rigs!
  12. offroadkid

    Our LX470 (Ellie 2)

    Thanks! I don't have any special skid plates, just the factory ones! I actually hadn't thought about upgrading...until now!! ;) Let's see some photos of your new rig!
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    Rig Photos

    I couldn’t decide, camp photo or rig photo as it’s both! My wife shot this of our rig as the sun was setting at camp!