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I am an overland bound enthusiast born ready for the unknown.
Sanford Florida
Member #


Vehicle Year Make Model
Black 2017 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited. 6-speed w/ hardtop.

• Teraflex 2.5'' coil lift
• Teraflex chromoly tie rod
• Teraflex ball joints
• Fox Racing 2.0 shocks
• Bilstein stabilizer
• BFG KO-2 35'' A/T tires (5)
• Rubicon rock rails
• Rubicon 17'' alloy wheels
• Rubicon hard top
• Gobi Ranger roof rack
• KC 151 Apollo 6'' halogen fog lights
• Red Rock 4x4 stubby front bumper
• XRC 9500 synthetic winch
• Jeep mini antenna
• Rock Slide Engineering RotopaX strap mount
• RotopaX gas / water cans
• Trasharoo bag (black)
• 10 lb Power tank with mount
• Vector Offroad JKE dash bar
• Ram Mounts phone / ipad mounts
• Cobra 75 CB radio with 4' fire stick
• Cobra 35 mile FRS talkies
• Grey Man Tactical mollee panel
• Weather Tech german smoked visors
• Front Runner cub pack storage boxes
• ARB 17,500 lb snatch strap
• ARB snatch block
• Harbor freight tow rope
• 5 ft grade 8 chain and rope
• Teraflex tree trunk strap
• Foldable shovel
• GAIA Premium membership for navigation
• Best top floor mats
• Jeep grab handles
• 1.5'' hub centric spacers
• Mini fire extinguisher with cross-bar nylon holder
• Rugged ridge class 3 tow hitch
Multimedia Design + Photography
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Nick Joseph


OB#12727 - 2017 Black Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Sport 6-speed (JKU) - "Take a risk & venture into the unknown." - Colorado Bound!


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