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    TREAD LIGHTLY 7 Principles

    Common sense isn't as common as you might think.
  2. Murphy Slaw

    Goodyear Trailrunner AT ?!3756!10!12355901962!1100101589427&ef_id=WaMrQwAAAGd8N...
  3. Murphy Slaw

    Do you have an American flag on your rig?

    As long as it takes. America would be hard to invade conventionally due to our heavily armed population. That is why enemies of America are so intent on dis-arming us.
  4. Murphy Slaw

    This is what happens when you post your overland routes

    I had heard stories about seeing those old wagon trails, but never seen them. Very cool. "Merica" !
  5. Murphy Slaw

    So this happened this morning!

    Years ago me and a drummer were driving home from a gig and saw a fire in the distance. Large fire. As we got closer it was obviously a house. He was driving, was sober and was actually a volunteer fire fighter with training and experience in these things. There were already many other fire...
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    Got wood??

    Don't forget the boudin...
  7. Murphy Slaw

    Got wood??

    We're pretty well behaved for a bunch of lunatics.
  8. Murphy Slaw

    Ram charger

    I gotta say, I LOVED those. Never owned one. Mopar, baby.....
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    Quick Game Camera Question ?

    I've considered cellular. I wonder how much it adds to your phone plan? My second concern is the weak signal in the woods.
  10. Murphy Slaw

    Quick Game Camera Question ?

    Thanks. The cabin is in the woods, I might get the occasional deer, racoon, possum. The vandals have only been there twice in the last year, so I don't need to pull the card unless I see damage, but I was going to check once a week until I was happy with how it was aimed and placement. The...
  11. Murphy Slaw

    Quick Game Camera Question ?

    I actually wanted to know if I could climb the ladder, swap the card, take card #1 home, view the pics, then put the card back in the following weekend WITHOUT formatting it, thereby saving the pics, and then repeat this each weekend SAVING all of the pictures on both cards. I would have...
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    Photo Game

    Mopar Baby...… !
  13. Murphy Slaw

    When is enough really enough?

    And yet, my wife's 2015 4wd High Altitude Jeep Patriot will bust 100,000 miles any minute. It's had zero issues, oil changes, tires and a set of spark plugs. That's it. I need to look at the brakes I guess.....
  14. Murphy Slaw

    Quick Game Camera Question ?

    I've placed one high in a tree, need a ladder, for a security project. It's pointed down and taking great pics. Can I just swap sd cards once a week if there is little to no activity, simply putting the one from last week back in WITHOUT re-formatting them, thereby saving all the pictures? I...