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    My khul sticker faded. Guess I gotta buy more clothes. Darn.
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    Anybody know unladen weight on HJ45 According to the best Toyota site it's about 4100#. Probably depends on if its SWB or LWB.
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    This is the driver rear cargo window. I can't see out of it so it can get covered. I decided to start getting stickers well after I started roaming the country. I guess I just have to go back to those places... shucks.
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    US West SD County NEW monthly meet-up

    I'm here. I couldn't stay at work anymore. I hope we have a table because it is super busy tonight.
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    I don't mind trailing with other vehicles but once a year it is pigs only.
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    US West Reoccurring - San Diego Overland Bound Monthly Meet - 09/27/2018

    I guess I should go. Second Chance is literally 5 buildings away from my office.
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    Spare tire location

    Have you ever tried to pull a tire down from the top of a vehicle? More importantly have tried to put it back? I do a lot of solo traveling and it is not easy slinging 35in tires around. You can possibly hurt your vehicle and most definitely hurt your back.
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    GPS Coordinate Format - What say you?

    As a surveyor I use DMS. Same with bearings.
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    WHY did you choose YOUR rig?!

    This rig is a rolling contradiction. It's old, smelly, and bumpy but I have put power windows and door locks, and a decent stereo. It has GM running gear with EFI, 2018 Pacifica seats, heated shower, and LED lighting. The back is not big enough for me to sleep in. I put all the seats further...
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    WHY did you choose YOUR rig?!

    I can vouch for Tundra reliability. We started buying them in 2011 for our survey vehicles. We load them up with boxes and gear and do a ton of off road work. The first 6 tundras we bought all went over 200k without 1 trans, motor or xfer issue. That being said, my rig is not a Tundra. It's a 49...
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    Oddball overlanding rigs!

    This was always at my old grocery store. I was going to post this when I saw the thread and you mentioned it.
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    Oddball overlanding rigs!

    Get yourself an FJ55. Sub-zero aftermarket support.
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    Lets build a playlist!

    Dance With the Dead - Every album lined up and on repeat.
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    US West San Diego Overland Bound Trail Runs

    So, in a van down by the river?