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My name is Rio Gomez. we are a family of 4. my wife Eunice, kids Joshua (4), and Amelia (2) love camping. we camped 5 times this summer alone. we have an M1101 humvee trailer with a rooftop tent that we tow with our 2012 Tacoma. we would like to take our set up on trails but as of yet, we lack the expertise for overloading. we hope that joining this community will give us the confidence to take on trails. we like the principles which overland bound is founded on and we hope to be able to contribute. best regards! ~ The Gomez family OB11427 (M1101tenttrailer)
Jun 28, 1978 (Age: 40)
Temecula Ca
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2012 Toyota Tacoma towing an M1101 Humvee trailer
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US Navy
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