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  1. Lucas Ringo

    Camper shell build

    Hello everyone I just wanted to share my build in hopes of giving others ideas. I started my build by researching as many other builds as I could find for inspiration. I then spent a couple of days taking measurements in my truck bed before drawing out plans and starting the build. I decided on...
  2. Lucas Ringo

    Leveled with 35s

    Hello everyone I have a 2008 ram 1500 4x4 with bilstein "adjustable" ride height shocks and the current setting I have it on is 2in I plan on regearing to run 35s but I was curious if anyone had any rubbing issues. Thanks.
  3. Lucas Ringo

    08 ram 1500 front differential drop kit

    I was looking around on the internet for a kit that lowers the front differential on my truck to correct the angle of my cv axles but I am having a hard time finding anything. If anyone knows of a kit or something that would do this I'd really appreciate the help thanks. Sent from my...
  4. Lucas Ringo


    Hey thanks man looking forward to being a part of the group!
  5. Lucas Ringo


    Hello, My name is Lucas Ringo and I am super excited to join the group. My love for adventure started when I was young traveling every summer to different parts of the U.S. with my grandparents. My rig is a 2008 Ram single cab 4x4. I recently purchased a 87 toyota Hilux 4x4 from my...